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3D simulations help you push your legal case

"He said, she said, they say. Here's how it really happened."

Legal battles are often, if not always, filled with obscurity. While the opposing team may try to cloud the facts or offer a point of view that is far from your own we can give you the ability to bring crystal clear legal clarity to the court room. It's hard to dispute a clear visual 3D simulation of events, especially when they are set in the real world location where an incident may have happened.

Archiform 3D, a world leader in virtual reality scene creation and animation, can give you the best evidence that the eye can see without actually being there. We can recreate events in virtual reality 3D and blend them with the actual location. There is no more obscurity to your case when you can present it to a jury as though they were watching it happen as it unfolds.

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Reconstructing events in a virtual reality court room

"It's not only the facts that can sway a case, it is how the facts are perceived."

Recreate circumstances and replay the events in court. Your legal case will now have a clear interpretation that any juror or judge can understand. Replay, fast forward, freeze frame and rewind as you talk the events through. Use slow motion to reinforce your message. Apart from being convincing to a jury you may even avoid a costly court room confrontation when the evidence is simply too compelling for the opposing team to proceed with.

Building 3D locations

Entire towns can be built if needed, so buildings, houses and offices are easy. We can build any location you can dream of. Our 3D objects are susceptible to emotions or damage, so we can do anything we like with them to portray any situations, including life threatening and damaging circumstances.

Blending real locations with 3D simulations

By filming the actual location involved in a legal dispute we have enough data to put in 3D objects such as people, cars, aircraft of anything you need. You can portray the exact location with 3D simulations added to it. Not only is this extremely convincing but it's fast. You don't need to wait for extensive 3D models to be created when we can use the actual location.

Blending real people with 3D legal simulations

Not only can we add 3D people but we can film real people in our blue screen studio. Actors or the actual people involved can re-enact the circumstances in a 3D scene. We have perfect control over the events to ensure that everything that you need in your 3D legal simulation is happening in time and from a viewpoint that can be clearly explained.

Blending real audio with simulated events

Audio goes hand and hand with video. We can record new audio to match what would have happened at a particular event and stage the complete legal simulation to match the audio. We could even use a black-box flight recorder to re-enact events in the air.

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