3D accident construction

This scene was made particularly for demonstration our 3D accident reconstruction services and it's unique witness viewpoint technique.

This reconstruction involves 3 cars, a tight corner on a narrow bit of road and a stop sign.

From the PT Cruiser point of view he is just driving normally, pulls up to the stop sign and is then clipped in the front grill by a Mercedes.

From the Mercedes point of view she is driving along and then has to swerve to dodge an SUV that comes around the corner in her lane. She unintentionally clips the PT cruiser and takes a scrape to the side from the SUV.

The SUV is obviously impatient, ignores the stop sign and the double line. He passes the PT Cruiser and clips the edge of a Mercedes. In the real world, the evidence of the scrape between the Mercedes and the SUV would be a critical part of proving what happened.

This scene would, in real circumstances be created from a forensic brief.

This demo shows witness viewpoints in Photo-Perfect quality, which can demonstrate what people would and wouldn't see. The Lab view removes all the distractions and focuses on what the drivers would see and the facts.

Play the 3D animated demo of this accident scene >

3D accident recreation. Simulate car/auto accidents as though you were witnessing them. Recreate aircraft accidents and other events. Photo-Perfect quality to ensure your legal presentation isn't just accurate, but is compelling. 3D simulations made from forensic evidence plus real accident scene photography and video.

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accident reconstruction scene

3D accident recreation from forensic evidence

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