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The Archiform 3D site is scattered with 3D animations, walk-through and fly-by video. You would normally find them through the 3D gallery but if you want to bypass the gallery here is a list of 3D animations only.

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Project: Harry's Island
Description: A spectacular resort and themed development concept in Singapore. This animated presentation includes a voice over.
Year completed: 2006

Project: Temenos Resort and Residences, Anguilla
Description: A golf course themed development on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla. This 3D animation includes music, a voice over and some live footage. It also shows off some superb camera tracking.
Year completed: 2006

Project: Coconut Grove
Description: 3D animated presentation of a luxury condo development in North Queensland, Australia.
Year completed: 2006

Project: Atlantis
Description: A presentation of a new condo tower in the Atlantis resort, Bahamas. This 3D animated presentation include a live presenter set into 3D scenes. Note that there are more animations for this presentation on the main gallery page for this project.
Year completed: 2006

Project: Castlebar Cove
Description: An animation of a luxury penthouse condo in Brisbane, Australia. This 3D animation is very extensive.
Year completed: 2005

Project: Pacific Harbour
Description: A presentation of a golf club in Australia. This 3D animation flies around the outside and into the main lounge areas.
Year completed: 2005

Project: Aversana
Description: Amenities and apartments for a project in Florida USA. While the animations are quite old and dated compared to today's offerings they are a great example of how Archiform 3D was a leader early in the game.
Year completed: 2002
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