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Archiform 3D is known for it's extensive use of animation, being one of the very first in the world to implement it in an architectural environment, such as walk-through or fly-by video animations. If you need an animated video presentation for a DVD or internet presentation then you have found the right company. Keep an eye on us because 2013 has brought in new developments in 3D animation that are groundbreaking, like full HD stereoscopic animation.

3D animations are a key service from Archiform 3D. Since conception we have focused on moving pictures, knowing that the internet and delivery methods, such as DVD, will catch up with the technology. Now 3D animation technology has advanced even further, so our clients get Photo-Perfect images in full motion deliver via the internet and TV while DVDs have almost completely disappeared.

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How we create 3D Animation

The process of 3D animations is similar to still image renderings apart from the need for many pictures for each second of playback. This varies from 24 to 30 frames per second, which means a whole rendering for each one second of video playback. A one minute 3D animation could consist of as many as 1800 individual renderings. This means that the time to process the animated footage can be days, sometimes weeks of unattended processing on our super computer.

Costs to produce 3D Animation

The fees to produce 3D animations, despite all the extended rendering, are not extreme. Our production process means we can extend the project to include animations relatively easily compared to the benefit of they give. Many price samples are in our pricing section of the web site.

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