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Harbour Lights

Inner city Cairns is about to unleash the most eagerly anticipated and sought after development on the East Coast of Australia, Harbour Lights. Set to raise the standard of waterfront apartment living, Harbour Lights will become the benchmark for all to aspire to.

We created 3D renderings and animations of the exterior and interior of 2 apartments. Our client saw the advantages of using our complete service and our "complete scene" workflow, which yields a greater number of 3D architectural renderings and animations to create a complete project portfolio.

All interior Archiform 3D renderings are pure 3D with no photo objects and are radiosity rendered. The animations ave the same quality as the stills, giving us a clear lead in moving picture presentations and providing a complete set of portfolio of images for each project within the normal price structure.

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Deliverables and Services on this job:

For relative pricing on this job you should refer to the Hi-Rise packages, available for the USA and Australia.

Why are there so many 3D images and animations? Because we price and work by the scene, not the picture. This means you get far better value from our services as we provide enough 3d architectural renderings for you to make a complete portfolio of your project.

Landscape and exterior architectural renderings

Renderings and animations of exterior scenes, such as buildings and landscapes, combine many complex elements. Realistic 3D trees and landscaping are important to the Virtual Scene. Each leaf and branch is modelled to create plants in 3D. It requires more effort by the artist but the results are rewarding. You see this effort the a lot in 3D walk-through video. Itís what makes our work the Photo-Perfect standard that clients expect.

Architectural renderings of interiors

Archiform 3Ds interior Architectural renderings and walk-through animations are high-quality and are carefully detailed. We create each piece of furniture from just photographs of the original and apply fabric samples of your choice. The scenes are then enhanced with decorator items like wall hung artwork, indoor plants and designer household pieces.Lighting is then added with attention to realism, shadowing and highlights.

The culmination of these creates renderings and Fly-Through Videos that are often dramatically better than reality. Our fly-through animations are done to the same Photo-Perfect quality as our Architectural renderings.

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Australia: 07 3040 0904

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