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Amrit resort & Residences, Singer Island, Florida (August 2005)

A beachfront hi-rise resort at Singer Island, Florida, USA - near West Palm Beach.

We created Architectural renderings and animations of the exterior and interior of 2 apartments. This also involved view capture and photomontage work. In addition we were engaged to prepare colored floor plan illustrations. Our client saw the advantages of using our complete service and our "complete scene" workflow.

All interior Archiform Architectural renderings are pure 3D with no photo objects and are radiosity rendered. The animations have the same quality as the stills, giving us a clear lead in moving picture presentations and providing a complete set of portfolio of images for each project within the normal price structure.

Unique to this job is that the photographer, Steve Bell (chief of Archiform 3D) got drenched to take the main beachfront picture. This was just before almost being catapulted from a cherry picker while taking the view shots, which to some competing companies would have been considered a good thing. Just when you thought 3D work was just a desk job.....

Approximate number of hi-res 3D renderings provided
Approximate seconds of 3D footage provided
Approx. photomontage images provided

Deliverables and Services on this job:

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Fee estimate for this project: between $5000 and $20000

Timeframe for this project: between 2 and 4 weeks

3D architectural renderings of exterior and landscape scenes

Many elements come together to form an exterior rendering. Of utmost importance is the accurate simulation of vegetation. We build important, prominent plants completely in 3D. This takes more effort gives a superior result to the typical flat photographs of trees that other companies use. You see this effort the a lot in 3D walk-through video. Itís what forms some of our overall Photo-Perfect presentation.

Photomontage architectural renderings

If your project location has an attractive natural feature or location then you may want the renderings to be merged into a photograph. Photomontage is the merging of renderings with actual photographs from the site, forming a seamless combination. This combination creates renderings that are almost indistinguishable from a real photograph. There is no restriction as to when or where the existing photographs can be taken. Existing features and landscaping can be masked so as they remain in the final image. YOu can engage us to take the original pictures for you for a fee. You can also just send us photographs that you already have and we will work with them.

Architectural renderings of interiors

Our interior Architectural renderings are highly detailed, rich in quality and inspirational.We model our furniture in 3D using photographs and fabric samples as guides. You can select almost any kind of personal decorator item to enhance the 3D scene or room, which we will model and added into the 3D visualization. 3D lighting effects are then added to warm and enhance the scene.

This carefull combination of skills produces renderings that are more inspiring than real photographs.What is worth remembering is that our fly-through 3D animations of these interior scenes is to the same Photo-Perfect 3D quality as our still Architectural renderings.


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