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Interior scenes as architectural renderings

Archiform 3Ds interior Architectural renderings and Fly-Through Animations are high-quality and are carefully detailed. Each piece of furniture is carefully sculptured from originals and includes fabric samples from the original or to your choice.The scenes are then enhanced with decorator items like wall hung artwork, indoor plants and designer household pieces.Illumination is then added with detail to realism, effect and highlights.

The removal of all traditional photography limitations often means our renderings are even better than reality. Archiform 3D has the ability to process 3D fly-through virtual tour animations to the same Photo-Perfect 3D quality as our Architectural renderings.

Bedrooms in 3D

To us a bedroom rendering must feel like a place you could wake up and sleep in, so we pursue this when we commence modelling and setting out the space. Stunning 3D realism in the scene and choosing inspiring camera angles is how we do this.The viewer’s perspective needs to portray a degree of intimacy and show more to the living space than just a bed.And we like to lighting to show either sleeping time or waking up, so a low light dancing past the blinds is often a lovely morning touch.

While they may be simplistic in reality, soft bed covers and pillows are difficult to perfect in a rendering.To look real and inviting they need to have the small bumps, wrinkles and softness of the real thing. The nature of computers means that making an irregular shape, like a wrinkled bed cover, can be difficult. Applying the fabrics to the bed linen can also be difficult as they sometimes form part of a large pattern that must to remain consistent.

Combining real views with 3D renderings

You will see in this rendering that the real view from this scene is incorporated.There are 2 choices in how we do this; a simple 2D image put behind the scene or a 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene.The two techniques affect the overall price to do the job, not in rendering costs but in acquiring the views.

The lower photography costs make flat 2D backgrounds appealing for still, fixed position renderings.But when used in animations a 2D image doesn’t show any motion with the 3D camera. If the viewpoint changes in any direction the view doesn’t change, which is not a visually appealing result.

The costs to acquire 360-degree panoramic images are higher than normal photography due to additional time, extra equipment and further manipulation in the studio.The increased visual scope of a 360-degree panoramic image gives excellent results with 3D Animations as the view adjusts with the movement of the 3D camera.Archiform 3D has the necessary equipment and skill to take both panoramic and flat view shots. You can also have these pictures done by someone else.


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