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Interior scenes as architectural renderings

Archiform 3D approaches each interior Architectural renderings with detail, precision and artistic flare. We model our furniture in 3D using photographs and fabric samples as guides. The scenes are then enhanced with decorator items like wall hung artwork, indoor plants and designer household pieces.3D lighting effects are then added to warm and enhance the scene.

While often mistaken for photographs, our interior renderings often exceed them in quality and flexibility. What is worth remembering is that our walk-through animations of these interior scenes is to the same Photo-Perfect 3D quality as our still Architectural renderings.

3D architectural renderings of living room scenes

Internal living room renderings and walk-through animations, like of family rooms, grand salons and lounges are the most time consuming of an apartment, condominium unit or house.They are the center of day-to-day living and contain more elements, in type and number than other spaces.There are many varied possibilities within these spaces so they are often the most difficult for a designer to communicate in a brief.

The typical style and shape of the furniture in these areas makes them painstaking to model in 3D.The many free-flowing curves and ornate fabrics of some furniture items, such as lounge chairs and sofas, can be unusually difficult to model in 3D.And finishing pieces such as light fixtures and drapery can also be quite time consuming.

3D technicians can get some enjoyment out of these scenes, despite the complexity and effort required.This is found in the need for creative input and direction to enhance a scene’s mood or style.The difference between a Architectural rendering that you would admire and one that you feel you could really live in is the same difference between a passing conversation and an actual sale.

Bedrooms in 3D

If you can see yourself going to bed and waking up in this Architectural rendering then we have achieved our goal. Ensuring stunning realism in the scene and choosing the best camera angle is how we do this. The viewer’s perspective needs to portray a degree of intimacy and show more to the living space than just a bed.We like to create an ambience to the scene that resembles soft morning light or a romantic night.

While they may be simplistic in reality, soft bed covers and pillows are difficult to perfect in a rendering.The soft irregularities and softness of a real bed need to be replicated.3D Modelling and CAD is best at straight edges and regular curves, so a finished bed is more difficult to produce than most other household items. Applying the fabric pattern to the bed linen can also be difficult, especially when a large pattern must be maintained over the soft 3D Mesh.


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