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Architectural renderings of interior scenes

Archiform 3D creates interior Architectural renderings with care, precision and artistic inspiration. Each item of furniture is carefully modelled in 3D from pictures or catalogues and includes representations of original fabric samples. Smaller items like pictures, curtains, vases and decorator items are then added to the scene. Lighting is then added with attention to realism, shadowing and highlights.

The skillful combinaton of these produces renderings and Virtual Tours that are often more appealing than reality. Unique to Archiform 3D is our ability to do fly-through animations to the same Photo-Perfect standard as our still Architectural renderings.

Incorporating real views with architectural renderings

This rendering has the actual view from the project, which is a perfect way of displaying what a purchaser of a pre-construction condo, office or home will actually see. There are 2 choices in how we do this; a simple 2D image put behind the scene or a 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene.Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages, ranging from a lower price to a better result in 3D animations.

A simple 2D photographic background costs less to capture and is suited to still renderings. Unfortunately using this method means the view cant move with the 3D camera if you wish to animate the scene.If a virtual reality camera changes viewpoint it will become apparent that the backdrop is merely a flat billboard effect.

The 360-degree panoramic method costs more in location and photography, as each shot is a complete view in all the horizontal directions. This method gives the best result for 3D animations as when the virtual camera turns the view adjusts accordingly. Archiform 3D is often engaged to take the panoramic shots as we have the equipment and cameras necessary.


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