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The third bedroom.

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Architectural renderings of interior design

Archiform 3D's interior Architectural renderings and 3D Animations are high-quality and detailed. We model our furniture in 3D using photographs and fabric samples as guides. The scenes are then decorated with small items like pictures, plants and household items. 3D lighting effects are then added to warm and enhance the scene.

The combinaton of these creates renderings and 3D Animations that are often better looking than reality. Our 3D fly-through animations are rendered to the same standard as our still Architectural renderings.

Creating bedrooms as 3D architectural renderings

Our aim with bedroom scenes is to create a place in 3D that you could imagine yourself really sleeping in. Ensuring stunning realism in the scene and choosing the best camera angle is how we do this. We like to have a visual approach that shows the bed and possibly a balcony or window behind it. And we prefer the illumination to portray either a place to sleep or awaken; night-time or morning time.

The most difficult item to model in a bedroom rendering is the bedding and pillows. They require soft and flowing imperfections with wrinkles and bumps. 3D Modelling and CAD is best at straight edges and regular curves, so a finished bed is more difficult to produce than most other household items. Aside from the complexity of the 3D Modelling, applying the textures and fabrics to the bed can be challenging if there is a pattern that must be maintained over the flowing 3D Mesh.

Combining real views with architectural renderings

You may have noticed that the actual view from this property is incorporated into the rendering. We do this as either a flat 2D image in the background or as a complete 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene. Both methods have their benefits.

A simple 2D image put into the scene is the easiest to do, as the single shot can be taken in many different inexpensive ways. The downfall to this method is that it shows no motion or change in within an animation. If the viewpoint changes in any direction the view doesn’t change, which is not a visually appealing result.

The costs to acquire 360-degree panoramic images are higher than normal photography due to additional time, extra equipment and further manipulation in the studio.The increased visual scope of a 360-degree panoramic image gives excellent results with 3D Animations as the view adjusts with the movement of the 3D camera.Archiform 3D has the necessary equipment and skill to take both panoramic and flat view shots. You can also have these pictures done by someone else.


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