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Aqaba Container Terminal

Surrounded by three continents and four countries… Emerging from the mesmerizing mountains of ancient times…Lying on the edges of the magical shores of the Red Sea with the magnificence of its reefs and corals…A dynamic city is recapturing its historical galore as a regional hub for trade, tourism and culture…Aqaba, where business and leisure go naturally hand in hand.

Aqaba Container Terminal is one of the top three container terminals in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. ACT enjoys large handling capacity, zero anchorage time, berthing windows systems and provides users with world-class facilities and infrastructure.

ADC designed a comprehensive program to transform the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) into a world-class operation, through a joint venture with APM Terminals, one of the world's leading terminal operators. This program included the upgrading of infrastructure and super structure, automation of operations, computerization, introduction of best practices, and training of ACT human assets. This provided ACT with sustainable improvement and the necessary framework to expand and develop the terminal to handle over 3.5 million TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units).

Archiform 3D was brought into the project to show the new development as if it was built. Combining our skills with the logistical support of Jordan’s Future Vision Productions we merged the new design with live aerial video and photography. The results are superb and clearly portray Jordan’s vision for the relocation and expansion of one of their key facilities.

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Fee estimate for this project: between $12000 and $50000

Timeframe for this project: between 2 and 5 weeks


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