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From the Corporate Place project

A street level view looking towards one of the buildings within the development.

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3D architectural renderings of exterior and landscape scenes

Many elements come together to form an exterior rendering. Of significant importance are trees and landscaping. Leaves and branches are modelled individually by Archiform 3D to create each tree, plant and flower. This may takes considerably more of the artist's time and computer resources but the finished results are amazing. You notice this effort the most in 3D fly-through video. Itís what forms some of our overall Photo-Perfect presentation.

Archiform 3Dís scene building techniques

We work on a price and build by the scene policy, which means we charge our clients by the scene, not by the rendering. This means that our clients actually get better value for money as we are charging more for the work put in, not for what may be the almost automated process of producing just the one Architectural rendering. As can be seen by this rendering, which is one of a series from the same 3D Scene, many 3D images can be obtained from one fixed price. The ideal case for this is when a client requires multiple images for a marketing campaign or to produce a complete set of images to portray a property development. This process for Architectural renderings can be used for both exterior and interior 3D scenes.


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