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Architectural renderings of interiors

With immaculate and life-like imagery, Archiform 3D's approach to interior Architectural renderings and video pushes the limitations of technology. We create each piece of furniture from just photographs of the original and apply fabric samples of your choice. You can choose almost any kind of decorator accessory to enhance the scene, which we will model and add in 3D. The scene is then illuminated carefully for realism and effect.

The thoughtful combination of these skills often give renderings that are better looking than real photographs. Unique to Archiform 3D is our ability to do fly-through animations to the same Photo-Perfect standard as our still Architectural renderings.

Living room 3D renderings

Interior living room scenes, like lounges, grand salons and family rooms are the most intensive of an apartment, condominium unit or house to create. They arenít just larger rooms but they contain more varied detail and sometimes extend into other living areas. The many levels of decoration and possibilities for colours and fabrics means that these rooms are also hard for a client to describe in a brief.

Furniture and accessories can also be painstaking to model in these rooms. Items such as sofas and other furniture with soft flowing curves and complex fabric patterns can be difficult to get perfect. This can also be particularly true for pieces such as indoor plants and sculptures, which have minute detail but are often a major part of a rendering or 3D animation.

But despite the complexity, these scenes can be exciting for the 3D artist. This is in the flexibility that the 3D artist often has for small decoration and the minute details that complete a scene. Drapes, personal items, pictures and other small items make a room look like it isnít just a display but it could actually be lived in.

Combining real views with 3D renderings

This rendering shows the actual view from the scene. There are 2 choices in how we do this; a simple 2D image put behind the scene or a 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene.Both methods have advantages ranging from a lower price to a better result in 3D animations.

A flat 2D background costs less to prepare and is best suited to still renderings. Unfortunately using this method means the view cant move with the 3D camera if you wish to animate the scene. If the 3D camera changes the direction it is looking at the view doesnít change, which is not a desirable result.

The location and photography costs to get 360-degree panoramic images are higher than normal photography as the final result sees everything in the horizontal plane. The increased visual scope gives excellent results for 3D animations as when the 3D camera turns within the scene the view changes with it. We can take either 2D or 360-degree images for you at an additional fee or you can supply your own.


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