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From the CBS Sports Channel Golf Course Simulations project

From tee to green this hole has 1600 azaleas making it known as one of the most spectacular hole of the course. An accurate tee shot to the center of the fairway sets up players to go for the green. A tributary to a creek winds in front of the green, and four bunkers are behind the putting surface. A stonework bridge over the creek that connects the teeing ground of hole 13 to its fairway.

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3D renderings of external Scenes

Renderings and animations of exterior scenes, such as buildings and landscapes, combine many complex elements. The addition of high-quality 3D vegetation is of utmost importance. Archiform 3D models detailed plants down to the stems and leaves. Much more human and computer time is required to do this but the results speak for themselves. You see this effort the a lot in 3D walk-through video. Itís what makes our work the Photo-Perfect standard that clients expect.


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