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Golf Course 3D Animations, CBS Sports Channel

This project is a series of golf course animations for the broadcast of a golf tournament. Multiple clips for each hole were created to represent the challenges that the elite players face on the course.

These scenes contain extremely complex landscaping, which is very difficult to render, especially in an animation. Archiform 3D's extensive hardware array is what allows these kinds of projects to be rendered so fast.

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Fee estimate for this project: between $0 and $0

Timeframe for this project: between 5 and 10 weeks

Exterior 3D architectural renderings

Creating an external rendering requires the combination of many elements. Vegetation is extremely important to any exterior scene. Individual leaves and branches are modelled by Archiform 3D to create each plant. It takes much more effort to do it this way but the results are clearly better. Renderings are improved, but fly-through 3D animations and video is where the additional attention is most visible. Our Photo-Perfect standards dictate this attention to detail and quality.


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