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From the The Pearl Qatar project

One of the bedroom scenes.

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Architectural renderings of interior designs

Archiform 3Ds interior Architectural renderings and Fly-Through Animations are high-quality and are carefully detailed. The furniture is created from pictures of the originals, translated into 3D and textured with your choice of colors and fabrics. You can choose curtains, props, vases, plants and almost any other items to decorate the scene. We then light the scene to enhance realism and create dramatic effects.

The removal of all traditional photography limitations often means our renderings are even better than reality. Our animations are done to the same Photo-Perfect standard as our still Architectural renderings.

3D architectural renderings of bedrooms

To us a bedroom rendering must feel like a place you could wake up and sleep in, so we pursue this when we commence modelling and setting out the space. The camera angle, lighting and detailing are how we attempt this. The camera angle needs to show a degree of artistic intimacy and preferably show more to the scene than just the bed. And we prefer the illumination to portray either a place to sleep or awaken; night-time or morning time.

While simple in real life, bedding and pillows are complex to make in renderings. They require soft and flowing imperfections with wrinkles and bumps. These imperfections are harder to create with 3D software than harder more rigid pieces of furniture. Aside from the complexity of the 3D Modelling, applying the textures and fabrics to the bed can be challenging if there is a pattern that must be maintained over the flowing 3D Mesh.


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