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From the Reynwood Swimming Pool project

A swimming pool 3D architectural rendering.

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3D swimming pools

A swimming pool is a critical part of any exterior 3D scene that has one. It is often a key selling point and buying decision in a development or new home. With this in mind we try to create pool scenes that are inviting and in some ways refreshing to the eye.

Special factors to take into consideration are the qualities of the water, such as reflection, transparency and turbulence. Each of these creates a different style that may reflect fun, relaxation, invigoration or serenity.

Architectural renderings of interior scenes

Archiform 3D's careful and meticulous approach to interior Architectural renderings gives a life-like result. The 3D furniture is created from pictures of the actual pieces, modelled into 3D and textured with your choice of fabrics and materials. You can select drapes, pots, indoor plants and almost any item to enhance the scene. After the major furniture and small accessories are added we carefully illuminate the scene for effect and realism.

This combination often gives better visual results than reality as we are not restricted to the limitations of traditional or modern photography. Unique to Archiform 3D is our ability to do fly-through animations to the same Photo-Perfect standard as our still Architectural renderings.


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