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Archiform 3D

Sample 6

From the Shutters Reserve project

A 3D rendering from the side of the development.

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Architectural renderings of exterior and landscape scenes

Creating an external rendering of a building or landscape requires the blending of many complex elements. Vegetation is extremely important to any exterior scene. Archiform 3D creates detailed models of plants down to the leaf. This takes more effort gives a superior result to the typical flat photographs of trees that other companies use. This is most visible in 3D Animations and fly-through. Our Photo-Perfect standards dictate this attention to detail and quality.

Multiple architectural renderings from one scene

While most 3D rendering companies choose to charge by the rendering produced we charge by the scene. This method is more relative to the actual work carried out and provides better value for money to clients that need to depict the entire scene rather than just one perspective of it. This rendering is a typical example of this policy, meaning that the client has paid for a 3D Scene and obtained multiple images for the same fixed price. The ideal case for this is when a client requires multiple images for a marketing campaign or to produce a complete set of images to portray a property development. Clients get advantage from both interior and exterior 3D Scenes when engaging this strategy.


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