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Gallery of Architectural renderings - Kuwait "Taupe" Guest Suite

A series of interior 3D renderings of a new hotel guest suite in Kuwait. The entire project is from custom made furniture and hand picked fabrics, to we painstakingly recreated each piece in 3D.

The animations generated are quite extensive for this size scene, as are the number of still 3D architectural renderings . This is because we work by setting up the scene, not just each picture, so once complete we are able to easily create as many additional Architectural renderings as required at very little or no extra cost.

A nice effect that we added to the 3D animation is the fly around the vase of flowers. We set the scene behind to be slightly out of focus, bringing a whole new sense of intimacy to the shot.

We set up various fly through paths, which may have been cosider exhaustive to some but considering our client was showcasing a design idea we consider it all well worth the additional processing time. All up there is over one minute of animation.

Fee estimate for this project: between $2400 and $4000

Timeframe for this project: between 1 and 3 weeks


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