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From the Mariposa project

The main living room.

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Architectural renderings of interior design

Archiform 3D approaches each interior Architectural renderings with detail, precision and artistic flare. We model each piece of furniture in 3D from just pictures of the originals and apply scanned fabric from real-world samples. You can pick almost any model or type of accessory to visually enhance the scene, which we will create and add in 3D. Lighting the scene correctly and artistically is important to the scene, which happens after all the furniture is placed.

While often mistaken for photographs, our interior renderings often exceed them in quality and flexibility. Unique to Archiform 3D is our capability to process 3D fly-through animations to the same Photo-Perfect quality as our still Architectural renderings.

Architectural renderings of living rooms

Internal living room renderings and fly-through videos, like of family rooms, grand salons and lounges are the most time consuming of an apartment, condominium unit or house. They have more features, are bigger rooms, usually cover more than one living space and are the center of everyday living in the home. They are also the most difficult for a designer or architect to prepare a detailed brief for, so itís hard for our 3D artists to get perfect immediately.

Furnishings in these spaces can also be painstaking to model in 3D. This is because of the complex shapes and curves that form items like sofas and lounge chairs, which require effort to get both the shape and textures perfect. This is also true for the more ornate lighting fixtures, which not only have detailed shapes with reflective and semi-transparent materials but also have multiple ways of illuminating the room.

What is good about building these scenes in 3D is the scope for creativity. This is often in the smaller detailing and touches that enhances what may be a partially complete or basic design document. A book, candle, rose or pillow in the right place and tell a small story on itís own.

The technique of multiple 3D renderings from one scene

Most 3D production companies choose to quote by the rendering produced, but normally we charge by the overall scene. Despite our discounts for a single architectural rendering, better value comes from multiple Architectural renderings off the overall scene. This rendering is a good example of this production method, showing the client has paid for an overall 3D Scene and received multiple renderings for one fixed price. If your development has many visual aspects to it then this process is perfect. Projects with interior and exterior 3D Scenes benefit by engaging this process.


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