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From the Windsor Club project

A view focussing on one of the residences.

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Architectural renderings of exterior Scenes

Renderings of external scenes combine many elements. The simulation of vegetation is critical to the 3D Scene. Archiform 3D uniqueness comes in that we concentrate on detailed tree and plant modelling, right down to the leaves and flowers. This consumes more effort than the typical flat face plants that competing companies use, but the final 3D results are superior. While improving renderings the extra effort is most noticeable in 3D Animated video. Photo-Perfect standards require this attention.

Real Views in 3D architectural renderings

This rendering has the actual view from the project, which is a perfect way of displaying what a purchaser of a pre-construction condo, office or home will actually see. We do this as either a flat 2D image in the background or as a complete 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene. The two methods have an effect on the overall price to do the job and specific advantages.

The reduced location and photography costs make simple 2D backgrounds appealing for still renderings. Unfortunately using this method means the view cant move with the 3D camera if you wish to animate the scene. If a virtual reality camera changes viewpoint it will become apparent that the backdrop is merely a flat billboard effect.

The 360-degree panoramic method costs more in location and photography, as each shot is a complete view in all the horizontal directions. This method gives the best result for 3D animations as when the virtual camera turns the view adjusts accordingly. Archiform 3D is often engaged to take the panoramic shots as we have the equipment and cameras necessary.


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