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From the Windsor Club project

This view is into a private courtyard. We put in 3D mango trees each side of it.

You can see the day kitchen in this view, which was a last minute design decision on this project.

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3D architectural renderings of exteriors

Renderings of exteriors include many varied elements. The simulation of vegetation is critical to the 3D Scene. We model vegetation right down to the leaf. This requires much more effort to create than the typical flat face plants that other companies use, but the results are far superior. This is most evident in 3D walk-through animations. Itís part of what separates our work into Photo-Perfect.

3D swimming pools

A swimming pool is a critical part of any exterior 3D scene that has one. It is often a key selling point and buying decision in a development or new home. With this in mind we try to create pool scenes that are inviting and in some ways refreshing to the eye.

Special factors to take into consideration are the qualities of the water, such as reflection, transparency and turbulence. Each of these creates a different style that may reflect fun, relaxation, invigoration or serenity.

Incorporating real views with 3D renderings

This rendering has the actual view from the project, which is a perfect way of displaying what a purchaser of a pre-construction condo, office or home will actually see. We can do this in 2 ways; a flat 2D image applied behind the 3D scene or a 360-degree image wrapped around the 3D model. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages, ranging from a lower price to a better result in 3D animations.

A simple 2D photographic background costs less to capture and is suited to still renderings. The drawback is that this method shows no motion or change in view within an animation. If a virtual reality camera changes viewpoint it will become apparent that the backdrop is merely a flat billboard effect.

The 360-degree panoramic method costs more in location and photography, as each shot is a complete view in all the horizontal directions. This method gives the best result for 3D animations as when the virtual camera turns the view adjusts accordingly. Archiform 3D is often engaged to take the panoramic shots as we have the equipment and cameras necessary.

Price and build by the 3D scene

Most times we produce and invoice by the scene produced, not by the renderings taken from it. We have discounts for just one image of a scene, but getting a series of renderings gives better value for money. As can be seen by this rendering, which is one of a series from the same 3D Scene, multiple renderings can be produced for one fixed price. The perfect scenario for this is when you need more than one image for a marketing campaign or you need to produce a complete set of pictures to completely show a development. Both interior and exterior Architectural renderings can be produced this way.


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