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From the Windsor Club project

This shot is similar to the previous view but shows the coconut palms in this model.

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3D architectural renderings of exterior Scenes

Renderings of external scenes combine many elements. The addition of high-quality 3D vegetation is of utmost importance. Every plant is built in detailed 3D and randomized to simulate reality. It requires more effort by the artist but the results are rewarding. This enhances renderings but the effort is most noticeable in 3D fly-through animations. Itís what makes our work the Photo-Perfect standard that clients expect.

Swimming pools in 3D

A swimming pool is a critical part of any exterior 3D scene that has one. It is often a key selling point and buying decision in a development or new home. With this in mind we try to create pool scenes that are inviting and in some ways refreshing to the eye.

Special factors to take into consideration are the qualities of the water, such as reflection, transparency and turbulence. Each of these creates a different style that may reflect fun, relaxation, invigoration or serenity.

Combining real views with 3D architectural renderings

Looking from this viewpoint you may notice that the real view is in the background. There are two methods to achieve this; as a flat 2D image applied to the background or as a 360-degree panoramic photograph wrapped around like a drum. Both techniques have their advantages.

A flat 2D image put into the background is the easiest to do, as it is one shot that can be taken in many different ways and often costs less due to reduced location costs. Unfortunately using this method means the view cant move with the 3D camera if you wish to animate the scene. If a 3D virtual camera changes direction it becomes obvious that the backdrop is merely a flat face.

The 360-degree photography method costs more due to location and time, as each finished shot is a view in all the horizontal directions. This technique yields the best best quality result for 3D animations as the view adjusts to the aspect of the Virtual Camera. You can provide us with the images for the views or we can do the location shoot for you for an additional fee.

Price and build by the 3D scene

Typically a 3D company charges you by the rendering, but we are unique in that we charge by the scene. This production technique is more relative to the real work performed and gives greater value for clients that need to show the overall scene rather than just a single viewpoint of it. This rendering is a typical example of this policy, meaning that the client has paid for a 3D Scene and obtained multiple images for the same fixed price. If your project has more than one visual aspect to it then this process is ideal. Interior and Exterior 3D scenes can have advantage from this advanced process.


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