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Gallery of 3D renderings and animation for Windsor Club

This project is the addition to an exclusive country club near Vero Beach in Florida, a few hours drive north of Miami. The design is by their in-house architects and we created these 3D renderings from preliminary plans. We shaped the structure and became involved in refining the design as the client could now visualize everything in 3D. By sharing our screens the client was able to give instructions, make changes and keep the workflow going, eliminating a great deal of communication issues.

Things like the day kitchen within the central courtyard were shaped up in real time, cutting these decisions down to minutes instead of hours. The ability to envision a project in real time 3D is one of the key reasons come to us.

For this project we decided to utilize the natural light seeping in from the windows. We went on site and photographed the view, so the light you see coming in is actually the real environment. This has given a imagery with a lot of contrast and warmth straight out of the system with no photo or video manipulation afterwards. We benefited from a client that allowed us to have creative direction.

Most of the homes in Windsor Club are luxury winter retreats although there are still many people that call this unique location home all year round.

3D animation and exterior 3D architectural renderings of a new mixed use development.

Fee estimate for this project: between $15000 and $20000

Timeframe for this project: between 3 and 7 weeks


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Miami: 786 866 5931
New York: 646 485 1085
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Australia: 07 3040 0904

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