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Rendering and Animation Gallery

Our newest and favorites from over the years

One of our greatest strengths is our experience. The depth of work, diversity and the many different locations worldwide ensure that we have an understanding that is unmatched. In fact our work stretches back well before what you see in this gallery, to before the internet became big and well before 3D was an accepted medium.

This gallery index is a list of more recent and some of our favorite projects, containing 3D renderings and animations that you can view, mostly in high-definition, online. To the left you will see yearly breakdowns if you want to explore further.


Ascot Grand Bahama (2015)

A project that utilises Archiform 3D's ability to the fullest. Beautifully designed beachfront development in the Bahamas.

Ascot Grand Bahama 3D video

Ascot Beachfront Residence (2015)

A gorgeous beachfront residence with direct ocean views. This scene has also been created as a detailed panoramic virtual tour.

Ascot Beachfront Residence

St Thomas Margaritaville (2015)

The pool and bar area of the new Jimmy Buffet styled resort on St Thomas.

St Thomas Margaritaville

Santuary Belize (2013)

A beautiful master planned community in Belize.

Sanctuary Belize 3D video

HGTV "Selling LA", Alpine Ave (2012)

Interior designed 3D Renderings and animation from an unfinished mansion in Los Angeles that was featured on the HGTV show "Selling LA".

View HGTVs Selling LA

Porsche Design Tower (2012)

Architectural renderings and a 3D animation for a unique high-rise tower in Sunny Isles Beach, just minutes north of Miami Florida, that features elevators that take you inside your car up to your apartment.

Porsche Design tower

Casa Madrona Alexandrite Suite (2012)

A fly-through 3D animation of a new luxury suite in San Francisco. This project has amazing views and some very interesting features inside.

Casa Madrona preseidential suite

Crust Gourmet Pizza (2012)

Design, renderings and animation for a new pizza bar in Ventura, California. We assisted design throughout the project using our 3D work as a tool to perfect the overall scheme from the front door to the kitchen.

Crust gourmet pizza gallery

Green Dragon (2012)

Architectural photomontage renderings of a medium rise development proposal on Key Biscayne, just off Miami Florida. This project has two different designs set into identical photomontage shots to assist in examining planning ideas.

The Green Dragon project

Spacelabs Healthcare (2012)

Design work and a 3D animation to display new medical care products. A virtual art gallery of high-tech medical equipment.

Spacelabs Healthcare

Windsor Club (2011)

Interior + exterior architectural renderings and a 3D animation of new additions to an exclusive country club near Vero Beach Florida. We fly gently through a new luxury town home.

Windsor Club

Bombay Sapphire Lounge (2010)

Interior design of a new lounge in the Arsht Center in Miami Florida. The blue decor in the renderings matches the Bombay Sapphire bottle.

Bombay Sapphire lounge

La Belle (2010)

Interior + exterior CGI renderings of a condo development in Hollywood.


Ritz Carlton Cayman Islands Colonial Scheme (2010)

Interior design and 3D renderings of a hotel condo interior in the Caymans.

Ritze Carlton Colonial

Ritz Carlton Cayman Islands Urban Loft Scheme (2010)

Interior architectural design renderings of a hotel condo interior in the Caymans. The decor for this project was also designed by Archiform 3D.

Ritz Carlton Urban Loft

First Impressions (2012)

3D images of a luxury home theatre. This client's work is the most luxurious we have ever seen in home or any other kind of movie theatre.

First Impressions home theatres

Glass House (2009)

Interior design, 3D animation and high-resolution renderings of a new condo design in Florida.

Glass House

Four Seasons Kuwait Restaurant Design (2009)

Interior dsign renderings and a 3D animation of an upmarket restaurant design in Kuwait.

Four Seasons Kuwait restaurant

Interior Design of Kuwait home (2009)

A new design of a luxury house in Kuwait.

Kuwait home design

Ritz Carlton Cayman Island

3D renderings of a bedroom and bathroom within a hotel suite.

Ritz Carlton Cayman Islands

Four Seasons Kuwait Taupe Guest Suite (2009)

Interior design renderings and animations of a hotel guest suite.

Four Seasons Taupe

Four Seasons Kuwait Lobby Design (2009)

3D animation and still images of an upmarket hotel design in Kuwait.

Four Seasons Kuwait restaurant

Delannoy Square (2008)

Renderings and animations of a classically themed mixed use development in Florida. Walk-Through of a retail area and an apartment.

Delannoy Square

CBS Sports Channel (2008)

Golf Course Simulations for a tournament broadcast.

Golf course simulation

Nail Salon

3D renderings and animation of a new nail salon design.

Nail salon

National Fitness Center (2008)

Renderings and a virtual tour of a new fitness center development.

National Fitness Center

Sentosa Island bid by Eighth Wonder (2007)

A spectacular bid for a unique themed development of parks, hotels, casino and other highly unusual and exciting features.

Harrys Island

Element (2007)

A 2-tower high-rise development on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Castlebar Cove (2005)

Set of lobby and apartment interior 3D renderings of a luxury inner city apartment building. Magnificent Photo-Perfect quality and a superb choice of interior design finishes. Project located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Castlebar Cove

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