Archiform 3D

The process of creating 3D architectural renderings

3D architectural renderings come as second nature to us, so we often take our knowledge for granted. But to our clients the only part understood is the briefing, the alterations and the final rendered quality. That's fine by us, or we would be be out of a job!

So clients can understand the basic process, and therefore how they can help or where hold-ups exist, we have created this rough 3D rendering guide. Keep in mind, these notes are only for the actual 3D architectural rendering and animation process and not any DVD production, web design, etc.

To simplify these notes we have broken the process into sections. Choose any starting point, but the beginning is best:

Step 1 - Quoting & submissions
Step 2 - The brief
Step 3 - Architectural 3D structural model
Step 4 - 3D scene & proofs
Step 5 - Animating
Step 6 - Final delivery, media authoring
Step 7 - Follow up

Please note that these 3D rendering processes are a guide and sometimes change to suit your own workflow, deadlines or information available from the architect or designers.

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