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Archiform 3D 2013 show reel

We are proud to present our 2013 show reel, a compilation of 3D clips, images and virtual reality from various visualization projects. This year's version is streamed directly from youtube, so you will not need to download or install any plugins to view it. If you are on an iPad you will automatically get a compatible version.

We have a new stereoscopic showreel in development too, which can be played on the new 3DTVs and even on computers if you have red/cyan glasses.

Stereoscopic showreel >

Early versions

While we have been pioneering 3D animations since the early 1990s, we really only started making reels in 2005. So to see the history of where animation and design is heading please enjoy the links below.

Go to the 2010 version >

Go to the 2008 version >

2005 version as WMV >
2005 version as QuickTime >

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