We work and price differently to other companies. We don't work on a per rendering or per second price, we work on a scene by scene basis. To you this means you get a price that more accurately represents the work that goes into a project. It also means that you may get more for your money.

The process of pricing your project is simple; you provide us with some plans or sketches of the areas and give us an idea of what you would like to see. It's also important for us to know if you want a full animated presentation or just still renderings. If you order an animated presentation then you get your still images included by default.

Some Examples of the Pricing Process

Here are some samples of what we would need and how we would price certain projects:

A high-rise development

Let us assume you want animations and renderings of the development, both inside and outside. Normally there would be the building, a pool area, a lobby and one or more apartment interiors. To price this job we would need plans or rough sketches of:

  1. The building exterior.
  2. A site plan.
  3. A plan of the lobby.
  4. A plan of the apartments that you need created.

After we price the 3D we may also suggest things like some additional video editing, some special effects, a scale model or illustrations. Everything in your submission would be broken down into components.

A resort or themed development

Archiform 3D specializes in unique projects and this type of project is always different. The main thing to consider is what we are creating on the inside and outside and just giving us basic sketches or plans that we can use to get an idea of the project. A site plan showing the overall layout and some typical elevations are enough for pricing purposes. The same goes for interiors - just send a sketch of the floor plans covering the areas you need created.

Just like for high-rise projects you will get an itemized submission.

How Quickly Will You Get Your Proposal?

Depending on the complexity of the project it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to prepare a proposal. Sometimes it is even faster and if you have the time to spend on the phone it can all be priced, optioned documented as we talk. We can also price jobs at your office if we have to. So depending on our workload that day you could have your price easily within 24 hours, itemized and ready to sign off as a purchase order.