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Clearly the most prominent style of 3D work presented by Archiform 3D is architectural. It is no surprise based on the background of the founder, Steve Bell, who was designing, documenting and on construction sites well before computers became commonplace. Architectural renderings evolved from the need to present new ideas to design clients and Steve used his early adoption of 3D in CAD to present better and faster images to clients by rendering them directly off detailed architectural plans and models – in fact the best parts of the system and philosophy back then remains today.

Every year the 3D technology and computers improved and so did the renderings, which evolved into 3D animation as well. New techniques such as photomontage and equipment such as high-resolution film scanners started being added to the studio and eventually the production architectural renderings became more important than dealing with actual architectural projects. Today’s technology eclipses that of more than 20 years ago but still Archiform 3D keeps pushing the boundaries of capability and realism.

Our extensive experience in the field means that architects, builders, developers and project marketers rely on us to interpret rough sketches into renderings quickly and often well before the architect has completed the plans. It is the new form of sales now, where projects are marketed based on renderings and animation before any construction commences. What is interesting is that the architectural rendering process often leads to design revisions as property developers change the brief based on what they see and early feedback from buyers.

Today much of the emphasis of production is based on architectural 3D animation and the renderings are almost a simple by-product of that process. Each page in our gallery normally always has a large number of renderings, considerably more than people expect. To put it simply, an architectural idea, scene or structure is built in its entirety and the renderings are like digital pictures of that perfected data.

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