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category: 3D Techniques & Technology
Which one is the photograph and which is 3D?
12 06 2016

Which one is the photograph and which is 3D?

It is always satisfying to see a well done project come to a close, and in the case of Archiform 3D it is even more rewarding to see that the final product is almost indistinguishable to the design and renderings that we...

category: 3D Techniques & Technology
05 29 2016

Archiform 3D has added a drone to its kit

UAVs have hit the scene big time, and considering we do so much aerial work we kept our eyes on them closely. The cost and limitations of a helicopter were often a sticking point, but the poor quality from a UAV drone made them...

04 19 2016 5 min to read

I did it… I went back to doing websites

I wont admit how many years ago it was when Archiform 3D started doing websites because it will make me feel old. But I will admit that Flash was new and fancy, HTML5 was not even thought of, Google was not around and Facebook...

09 17 2015

Instant books for property developments

We came up with something that is cool while messing with the Ascot project, deciding to make a hard cover book that can be delivered to people, ordered online, etc.. It’s a real coffee table style publication that can be...