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04 03 2013

Building your own 3D workstation

I am often asked my opinion on 3D workstations and render machines:Should people buy or build?What CPU should they get?What video card should they buy?How much RAM, etc?This time I decided to pool what I can tell people into one...

category: 3D Techniques & Technology
03 03 2013

Stereoscopic 3D, 3DTVs – is it worth it today?

I am regularly asked lately about 3D TVs and whether my company offers video enabled for them. The answer is a simple yes and you will notice the sample above, which you can play back on any 3D enabled TV or even on your laptop...

04 04 2010 6 min to read

Real 3D vs Flat 3D

Born from the need to render architectural images quicker a clever technique emerged. It was the use of 2D photographs on flat planes in 3D to create the illusion of a realistic object in a computer generated scene. Think of...

03 03 2009 8 min to read

Interior Design renderings by Archiform 3D

Interior designers face the same battle as every design professional – getting the ideas across. Despite numerous sketches you may still find your client goes elsewhere and often they end up with something of lesser quality or...