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08 23 2019

Why our renderings sell more condos

So you have your upmarket condo project, each residence painstakingly designed, and now it’s time to show thousands of potential buyers what’s on offer. You know it's a great product, the numbers add up, the floor plans are...

category: 3D Techniques & Technology
Which one is the photograph and which is 3D?
12 06 2016

Which one is the photograph and which is 3D?

It is always satisfying to see a well done project come to a close, and in the case of Archiform 3D it is even more rewarding to see that the final product is almost indistinguishable to the design and renderings that we...

category: 3D Techniques & Technology
05 29 2016

Archiform 3D has added a drone to its kit

UAVs have hit the scene big time, and considering we do so much aerial work we kept our eyes on them closely. The cost and limitations of a helicopter were often a sticking point, but the poor quality from a UAV drone made them...

03 04 2015 10 min to read

New 3D Virtual Tour Technology

Archiform 3D is pleased to announce our solution for interactive panoramic tours, and as with everything we do, it's 100% included within our regular service. It works perfectly with any kind of interior scene and can even be...

04 03 2013

Building your own 3D workstation

I am often asked my opinion on 3D workstations and render machines:Should people buy or build?What CPU should they get?What video card should they buy?How much RAM, etc?This time I decided to pool what I can tell people into one...

category: 3D Techniques & Technology
03 03 2013

Stereoscopic 3D, 3DTVs – is it worth it today?

I am regularly asked lately about 3D TVs and whether my company offers video enabled for them. The answer is a simple yes and you will notice the sample above, which you can play back on any 3D enabled TV or even on your laptop...

04 04 2010 6 min to read

Real 3D vs Flat 3D

Born from the need to render architectural images quicker a clever technique emerged. It was the use of 2D photographs on flat planes in 3D to create the illusion of a realistic object in a computer generated scene. Think of...

03 03 2009 8 min to read

Interior Design renderings by Archiform 3D

Interior designers face the same battle as every design professional – getting the ideas across. Despite numerous sketches you may still find your client goes elsewhere and often they end up with something of lesser quality or...