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Archiform 3D is best know for 3D renderings and animation, mostly of architectural, interior, landscape and city projects. Today that may not seem very unique but you will find that there are a few particular twists to not only what Archiform 3D does but how we go about it.

Firstly we are far from your typical 3D rendering company. Sure, we create renderings and we use computers just like everyone else does, but the typical mould is broken in many ways, the key methods being:

  • Service type and level
  • Production techniques and detail
  • Processing and delivery abilities

Service Type and Level

You have many choices as to where your renderings can be done now. Just like many other fields technology puts new abilities into the hands of everyone. The word processor turned everyone into a blogger, the digital camera made many people photographers, the internet made everyone web site developers and cheap 3D software made many people aspiring 3D artists. The fact still remains, however, that you want a professional to write your literature/copy, a talented photographer to shoot your wedding, a skilled designer for your corporate website and a real 3D artist to handle your virtual presentations.

What Archiform 3D can impress on you foremost is more than 28 years of solid experience – not accumulated or partially, just solid hard work, innovation and every day experience from the days of when 3D was not considered more than a pipedream. How does that help you? Consider these points:

  • Your project is not going to be our “first rodeo” so we know how to go about it, what is needed, what can be done in your timeframe.
  • When you are missing information or ideas there is a good chance we can just fill in the blanks, giving you a complete presentation rather than delays.
  • We have seen technology come and go so can guide you as to what works and what doesn’t.
  • We have an extremely long track record that shows delivery and quality.

Then you need to consider the service level. Our experience tells us that the biggest part of getting a job finished and looking great is how much we help you to get it there. We are the studio and you are the client, so we understand that you need the expertise and guidance. We know that there are going to also be a lot of things missing from your brief and for many of those items you simply don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to complete them – you just want those issues taken care of and done properly.
To give examples:

  • You can give us a blank room and basic ideas – we will make it look great.
  • You can scribble a layout down on a napkin while on a flight – that may be enough for us to work from.
  • Your architect may not have finished the plans yet – just give us what you have and we will fill in the gaps.
  • You know you need 3D but don’t know exactly what – we will work out a plan for you.

Our opinion is that almost every bad story we have heard about 3D companies comes down to a lack of experience and service. It is just as important as the 3D work itself.

Production Techniques and Detail

Described in more detail elsewhere on this website, we use our own trademarked standard for 3D:- PhotoPerfect™. It emerged from approaching our work from an architectural and design point of view, not a 3D rendering or video only perspective. Put simply, we create your project, be it an apartment, entire city, small invention or even a medical device, as a detailed, highly realistic 3D scene and then we generate the images and video footage with little or absolutely no touch-ups afterwards. It means there is considerably more effort in setting up your project but the benefits, efficiency and value is staggering compared to other methods.

PhotoPerfect also means that you are rarely going to receive a bill for anything outside of what you contracted us to do, as any additional rendering or 3D animation is already set up and just a matter of us changing the virtual viewpoint and processing.

Processing and Delivery Abilities

The PhotoPerfect™ technique, due to its nature, requires significantly more processing power than the normal method of simple rough 3D renderings that are touched up with Photoshop. Couple this with our production of high-definition quality animation and the processing hours required to complete a project total in the thousands. To get past this bottleneck we built a large “render farm” that runs 24/7, generating thousands of video frames and high-resolution renderings.

Once we have all of the 3D animation in hand you will soon learn that its method of delivered is critical. We don’t just throw a project together and add some cheap music – we think it out, plan each step and carefully edit a finished production. You get to see it come together and work with us to tweak and modify until you are certain that your message has come across as you expect it.

Your final production may need to include location photography and video, some special effects, a video script with a voice over and maybe some custom composed music, all of which exceed the simple service of 3D.

Our clients choose us because they want a great job done with no pain along the way. Most have already tried what appeared to be cheaper options and have learnt that there is so much more to creating a presentation than just a rendering or a video clip. This field is complex and full of technical terms, buzzwords and acronyms, but there is one simple word our clients have become quite used to hearing from us; “Yes” .….

  • Can you have more renderings at no additional cost? Yes.
  • Can you get more animation if you need it? Yes.
  • Can we help you design the project? Yes.
  • Can we push a deadline for you? Yes.
  • Will we take care of the video production for you? Yes.
  • Will we give you whatever still image resolution you need? Yes.
  • Do we do the work in-house? Yes.

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