Creating and pricing 3D architectural artwork by the scene

We have been preparing renderings and artwork for a very long time. Before they taught it in universities or colleges and before the high-tech computers that run our software were available. We are "old school". Our skills were born out of a revolutionary approach to building design as we created virtual structures that showed our clients the buildings that we created.

Our skills in computer generated architectural imagery were born from a desire to create virtual living spaces to aid us in getting our ideas across and because we simply enjoyed the process. This is also where the biggest difference in how we go about today's work stems from.

Scene Building.

Unlike other companies, when we create your artwork we start by building an overall scene. The angle from where the picture is taken comes afterward. Why is this different?

Other companies create a picture and structure then work around that. This means they find a view and only build what is needed. They can also use flat 2D pictures of objects to incorporate within the scene. This way is faster and can look great but it has a big flaw in that you must almost carry out the same work again when you want another picture. These companies price by the rendering so must charge for each additional image.

We create the entire scene first, using pure 3D objects and complete lighting solutions. The virtual cameras are then used to create your renderings. Each image is now a simple by-product of the 3D scene. This is where you get significant advantages. You can now affordably show your buyers each angle you need to.

The pricing of this technique matches that of the process. We charge a little more than other companies for one architectural rendering, but NO EXTRA for the rest of the series. The price advantage then leans heavily in favor of us. On average, you may pay 25% more for our technique on the first image but you get up to 6 times the value and are likely to save considerably overall.

Pricing and building by the 3D scene has clear advantages as soon as you require:

  1. More that one image
  2. Alterations
  3. A fast service