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Digital media, 3D and renderings

A world leader and true innovator in complete digital 3D renderings and animation, Archiform 3D has been creating digital artwork and media since the early 1990s. We're geared for high quality, detailed architectural digital presentation work that is finished like no other.

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3D digital animations

We can fly by any development in 3D, so high rise real estate developments, like residential/condo towers are very popular. We can also shoot aerial footage and put the virtual reality 3D model into it perfectly so the 3D animation looks absolutely real. We call this motion tracking, which is when we track the exact motion of the real life camera that shoots the footage and we then replicate that perfectly in 3D. The same effect is used often on the big screen where 3D animations are used to create movie scenes.

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Digital video meets 3D and animation

At Archiform 3D we embraced digital video very early, in fact we quickly forget all analogue techniques and moved into the new era to enhance our productivity and competitiveness. 3D artwork has always been digital due to it's nature and the combination of the two forms was inevitable. We can shoot real footage on location or in our studio and bring it into digital 3D scenes to blur the difference between real and computer generated scenes.

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Digital art of apartment scenes

Archiform 3D creates many, may 3D scenes to generate digital art. These can be used for animations, the internet and other forms of marketing.

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Other forms of digital art

Digital art doesnt necessesarily need to be 3D. It can, in fact be 2D. This is very typical in our Flash websites and out DVD authoring.

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