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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have compiled notes and explanations of our 3D and other services. Simple answers and links to articles are within.

Pricing and Billing

Q: I don't understand the whole "price by scene" idea. Can you explain it?
A: We have an extensive explanation of "price by scene".

Q: The submission for my job shows more renderings than I asked for. If I remove some of the renderings will that reduce the price?
A: Not normally. To reduce the price you must reduce the number of 3D scenes that we build, not the number of images we produce from the scenes.

Q: How can I pay Archiform 3D?
A: Cheque, direct deposit, money order, credit card, PayPal.

Q: How do I get the downpayment to Archiform 3D?
A: Once you have signed off and returned the submission/order to us we will bill you for the down payment.

Logistics and Communication

Q: What is the best way to contact Archiform 3D throughout a project.
A: You can pick up the phone, use Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN, visit us or we may visit you. We also support video conferencing.

Q: How do I reduce an image for email?
A: We have an article on how to do this.

Q: Will Archiform 3D come to my office to collect the brief?
A: Sometimes. It depends on the size of the project and where you are located.


USA toll free 877 285 1049
Miami: 786 866 5931
New York: 646 485 1085
Los Angeles: 213 596 9108
Australia: 07 3040 0904

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