Digital Media

This particular term is now very broad based. It refers to all of the media, text, pictures, movies and other items that are created and viewed on computers. Now almost everything is digitally based except for the final process of printing brochures, which is still primitive in comparison.

Archiform 3D was a very early adopter of Digital Media. This began with CAD systems that replaced drawing pens and progressed to digital capture devices. In fact when Archiform 3D began video editing we started with digital equipment from the very beginning. Today there is nothing at Archiform 3D that isn't digitally based, excepting the marker pens on our desks.

The creation of 3D Renderings and Animation is completely digital. Virtual buildings, worlds, objects and characters are made within a computer - all digital electronic data. That data is rendered into images that are then edited on the same computers. It's a purely digital process, and what is made is naturally digital media.

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