High Resolution

We are often asked if we provide high-resolution 3D Renderings. The simple answer is "yes". But the question itself is actually more complicated and often a trap for unwary people seeking to get 3D artwork. Most people say they need 300 DPI but don't realize that 300 DPI can be applied to any image. It really depends how big the final print is multiplied by the DPI.

Often when people outsource to cheap labor countries images come back as 300 DPI but only if you want to just do a postcard. If you want more image size at 300 DPI then you will need a bigger image and then you are stuck with more fees. It's a nice little trap for unscrupulous 3D artists to spring on people.

If you want to fill an old fashioned 10 x 8 inch print at 300 DPI then you will need to get an image that is 3000 x 2400 pixels (or dots) in size. We describe this more in our detailed article on how to get the right size 3D image.

Archiform 3D includes enough image size as standard to get a clean sharp print on US letter or A4 paper. Posters actually don't require as much resolution as they are seen from a distance and are often printed to the equivalent of only 100 DPI. We gladly produce even larger images at often no further cost.

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