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Interior Design Rendering case study

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

This project was unique in that 2 sets of interior design renderings were created. The property developer had the desire to present varying design styles and interior layouts of the new apartments. we had already prepared interior architectural renderings of this project and the new interior design variations were an addition to the project.

Step one - the interior shell

We have previously built the architectural 3D model of the apartment so only minor alterations were required to bring it up to the latest detail from the architect and interior designers.

Step 2 - the design brief

Our client, the property developer, had brief prepared from 2 interior design and furniture companies. They provided us with colors and pictures of furniture as well as fabric samples. Most of this was provided digitally by the interior designers taking digital pictures and scans which were then emailed to us.

Step 3 - proofing and final renderings

As the renderings were created we emailed them to the interior designers and the client for approval. Some changes were made such as "fine tuning" and a few changes in direction. The final interior design renderings were then processed delivered to the client.

What they did with the interior design renderings

The client made colour pages and posters of the 3D images to display to new buyers. They depicted each living space and the available options to furnish them.

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