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Since property developers and realtors have had web sites the desire to present property in it's best light, online, has been constant. But technology and bandwidth have held back high-quality presentations from most people. Loader bars and waiting screens turn impatient people away, and others just leave because they think nothing has happened or the site is broken. Nobody wants to risk losing people's interest so high-bandwidth presentations are avoided.

The desire for the real time, high-quality exploration of off-the-plan real estate has been quashed by what seems to be insurmountable technological limitations.

We Fixed It

Archiform 3D has always pioneered 3D and video experiences on the internet, seeking not just quality but practicality. A high-quality presentation is useless if people can't view or use it and there has always been a tradeoff in one way or the other to grab the attention of buyers. We have made a new interface and coupled with our existing high-quality 3D art and animations. And it is gorgeous! Better still, it works!

Fast downloads

Our goal is that the viewer will never see a loader bar. That's a big call, isn't it? But challenges to us are like fuel in a jet engine. We thought up a technique that loads in seconds on even the slowest of broadband connections. Sure, a person who is still on dial-up may have to wait, but then how many buyers are still on dial-up?

We have researched download rates from around the world and optimized to work on the slowest connections around. At the same time we don't like losing any quality. The pressure of combining what would normally be two completely incompatible requirements has come up with Meander, that loads up in just seconds, and often while the viewer isn't even aware of the process.

Incredibly easy to use, real time interaction

Another balancing act is the effectiveness of the presentation versus it's ability to be used. The simple fact is that buyers don't understand typical navigation interfaces unless someone teaches it to them. Everyone knows that you can't do that and nobody has the patience. But at the same time everyone wants the "bells & whistles" of a fully-fledged interactive tour.

What is our solution? We examined what buyers and consultants really want and need. Then we took away all the "junk". Lastly we invented a way to show gorgeous 3D animated footage on demand and with just the push of a button. It's so easy we aren't even going to waste your time by telling you how to use the presentation above - if you cant work it out by now then pack your computer up and take it back to the store.

Highest Quality

Here is one of the best things about Meander: we have no limit to the quality of the 3D scene. Typical real-time 3D has poor quality coupled with a slew of problems, but our real-time interface has no limitations. Everything is pre-processed on our super computers before the viewer sees anything, so all the hard processing is done. A normal real-time 3D viewer needs to process a scene in one 25th of a second to keep up with our interface, which isn't much time to present a quality image. Meander uses imagery that may take days to process in our studio but presents instantly, so naturally we have the best quality.

Works on the internet and touch screen

Our interface words almost anywhere, not just the internet. In fact if you chose to play it directly on a computer or touch screen kiosk we can even increase the size and experience as we no longer have to worry about download speeds.

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