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Archiform 3D announces new house 3D rendering deals

December, 2008

Archiform 3D has always followed the market, and in this time of global economic crisis we acknowledge that there is one key area in construction and sales that always leads the economy back out of a downturn and back into prosperity – the housing industry.

"It's the bread-and-butter market, the ground-roots of people and construction, that are the first to rebuild and damaged market", says Steve Bell, Founder and CEO of Archiform 3D.

To provide for a growing need in the housing industry Archiform 3D has released extremely competitive new prices for 3D house renderings as well as packages that include coloured floor plans, interior renderings and even the new Meander™ interface.

While large developments have large marketing budgets due to many apartments or homes being for sale in one project, housing has restricted budgets due to only one sale per project. This does not remove the need for high-quality artwork, it just reduces the available expenditure for it.

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