Atlantis, 2006

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The Bahamas

Atlantis Resort is a world class and well known luxury resort in the Bahamas. Archiform 3D was engaged to prepare architectural renderings, 3D animations, a video production and some web site work.

Video production

The video production included a locaton shoot and a live presenter, which can be seen in the sample movies.

Exterior 3D artwork and animations

Using the architects plans and landscape design we modelled the new high-rise towers and incorporated the 3D model with real photography and video footage. We used camera tracking to create a stunning illusion of the 3D building in real location footage.

The exterior landscaping in these renderings and animations is made from real 3D models, which is a speciality of Archiform 3D. Most other companies use flat 3D plants that rotate to look at you - kind of like creepy eyes in a haunted house picture.

Interior 3D animations

The interior condo renderings of this project were were first specified by the property developer's interior designer. The brief was given to match the actual furniture and decor being used in the development. Three condo types were created as architectural renderings and 3D animations, then used within the video production, interactive DVD and website.

The main video production:

Exterior animations:

Residence 1:

Residence 2:

Residence 3:

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