Floor Plans for Marketing

Like all our services, we approach things differently and to a higher standard. You will find our colored architectural floor plan illustrations a cut above the rest with their 3D rendered furniture, real photo texturing and warm shadowing, and our simple 2-tone plans to be clean and professional. Such an important part of the brochure deserves this level of quality and for the small part of the budget they consume spending a little more for a better job is prudent.

Every buyer looks at floor plans. It's inevitable. So why would you skimp on them when they are such a small part of the marketing budget? Archiform 3D has made it so easy and affordable to get top quality floor plans that there is no longer any excuse to go cheap on such an important part of the presentation. We also do it with a hybrid technique that creates a more inviting and buyer friendly plan.

Archiform 3D blends the 2D plan files with 3D furniture, which is taken directly from our extensive library. The result is a warm life-like feel over traditional line-work. The improvement over basic plans is nothing short of staggering. Floor coverings match those used, as do all other materials and colours. This technique, devised and developed by Steve Bell, is a huge step ahead of simplistic floor-plan illustrations and color-ups that you may see elsewhere.

Vector scalable plans also mean you can optimize them for the internet or blow them up to fit a billboard if you like. Our colored plans are not restricted to a set size so reproduce well to almost any application.

Our colored plan production fits neatly into our production flow too, so alterations mid-way through a project are a breeze. It makes perfect sense to have Archiform 3D prepare your floor and site plans for marketing at the same time we prepare your renderings and animations. You get quality and integration with the entire project.

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