Sanctuary Belize

  • EFD-SB commercial still A
  • EFD-SB commercial still B
  • EFD-SB commercial still A
  • EFD-SB commercial still B
  • EFD-SB marina anim C part B multipass
  • EFD-SB restaurant still C
  • EFD-SB village green still A

It is always a pleasure to do a project that is beautiful and even more of a pleasure when you have a client that is so dynamic in approach. This project stands out in both respects.

We were lucky enough to visit the site, experience what the project is all about and even meet the buyers – an experience that gave an extra dimension of understanding.

Sanctuary Belize is a large master planned community located in what has become a popular escape for retirees and international business people. Belize combines the beauty of the ocean, tropical flora, mountains and ancient Mayan ruins. The project itself has a mixture of home sites and a few condominiums. There is a large marina, equestrian area and large tracts of untouched tropical forest.

Like many projects that come to us for 3D animation there is both planned, locked down designs and the still to be planned portions. We specialize in filling in the gaps on projects, allowing them to be shown as complete despite the fact that there may be years of planning to still be carried out.

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