St Regis Temenos, Anguilla

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  • Golf-Pan
  • HIRES-Site-v2

Located on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean.

After careful screening the client chose us to prepare 3D fly-through animations, architectural renderings and a video production for this villa development. This also involved a location shoot in video and stills.

Various techniques combining 3D and video were used to get this production looking realistic and inspiring, the key ones being:

3D photo mapping

We used a series of aerial photographs to map onto the 3D mesh of the site. This means we have incredibly realistic surfaces that are built from actual real textures.

3D camera tracking

This technique tracks the exact motion of the aerial video and allows us to match the footage in 3D. Then we overlay the 3D footage with the real video footage to create a hybrid scene that looks perfectly real. The villa scenes you see in

the animations are actually 3D, not real.
While on the island we shot various location scenes and features to help polish the production. Voice overs were actually done in New Zealand.

The very final production was custom tuned back on Anguilla using a mobile editing suite and presented on location at the opening ceremony.

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