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Back in 2006 the government of Singapore invited bids to redevelop part of Sentosa Island into a multi-use casino resort style facility. Eighth Wonder, one of the front-runners in the process approached Archiform 3D within weeks of the submission deadline to assemble the ideas and provide high quality visualizations, envisioning scenes that portrayed a unique idea from an extraordinary visionary.

With the aid of the Singaporean military’s helicopter and officials, Steve Bell was flown through the morning haze that typically surrounds the region to take photographs of Sentosa and plan out how the final presentation will look. It was the basis for what became the proposal that won the hearts of the Singaporean people.

Each part of the development was planned in concept by various architects to create a unique, world-class experience and destination. It was our job to take those ideas and form them into a 3D presentation that impressed the public, investors and the Singaporean government. As with all large projects there were gaps to be filled in along the way, which we did on the fly.

With technology that is considered prehistoric in today’s terms we created not just the images that the government needed but also a widescreen video presentation in just a few weeks, which included the location shoot. Looking back, these images may appear crude today, but in 2006 they were ground breaking.

This project is not just a testament to the vision of Eighth Wonder but also an excellent example of how Archiform 3D can take some ideas and combine them into something complete in a short timeframe and in a distant part of the world.