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Jubail is the largest industrial city in the Middle East, an engineering marvel, and the largest civil engineering project in the world. It sprang from a simple fishing village on the western side of the Persian Gulf in 1975. Today it is home to the world’s fourth largest petro chemical company and has the world’s largest independent water and power project, producing 2743.6 MW of power and 800 000 cubic metres of water daily.

Master planned in modern times and with the latest in technology it is hard for most people to grasp the magnitude of Jubail’s infrastructure and where it is headed, so engaged by the Royal Commission of Jubail Archiform 3D set out to show how a fishing village became the thriving industrial city and where it is heading now.

The entire city as it is today plus the future expansion was put together in 3D. A mock-up of the original fishing village was also recreated as a quick demonstration to show the magnitude of expansion from 1975.