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Architectural Scale Model Making

Of all things that you can put in a sales suite, a scale model is still the first thing to catch a buyer/visitor's eye. Archiform 3D, a leader in marketing materials for real estate property development, has branched into model making to compliment it's extensive digital media offerings. Now our clients can issue just one set of briefing documents to get their physical models, 3D renderings and animations together. These products are so tightly integrated and so similar in requirements that the integration of these services into the Archiform 3D production line was inevitable.

Scale Models

Recreating the finished project in miniature scale, physical models are mainly seen as representations for new building and boat designs. Architectural scale models is our main focus with our already extensive clientele base and immediate need.

Model Making

Building models, is an extremely labor intensive process, even more so than our 3D models. Each piece is made partially by hand and machine, with mistakes often meaning waste and re-milling. This all means that the cost of a physical scale model is more expensive than a 3D virtual one.

To compare to our history of 3D CGI models, a change in 3D may take an hour, whereas one to a physical scale model may take a day or more.

Samples of our scale models

Our growing portfolio of work will go online as quickly as we can get it there and will include multiple pictures showing various facets and details.

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Architectural models

Scale models for architecture have been in existence for years, and while the core techniques remain the same, subtle differences in construction materials, lighting, resins and tools have improved the finished results while reducing lead times.

Improvements have meant better and more realistic trees, water and props such as cars and people.

Architectural Model Makers

Architectural models have their own special techniques and a mandatory expectation of high-quality. Residing mainly in sales suites, these models are scrutinized and admired by most that walk through the doors. In the eyes of the buyer the quality of the product is a direct reflection of the model.

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