3D Architectural Renderings

By now you may have searched the web for a while, looking to find a solution to your architectural visualisation (arch-viz) needs. You probably found a lot of websites that have a lot of the right words but nothing hardcore to back it up. Welcome to your solution. We're one of the best rendering companies in the world. We back up everything we say with the most extensive portolfio available.

Architecture – from pencils to 3D

Years ago the two technologies started to combine. Architecture was from pens and paper and 3D was a new, immature technology that was only really good for the accurate documentation and calculation of architectural and engineering structures. We pushed the boundary and soon used 3D to create hybrid 3D/hand sketched architectural renderings. Visually inspiring images of new architectural designs were now being created almost on the fly from the CAD design data. The results brought design clients the most exciting new design tool ever.

This new design tool was actually so exciting that it made us transition away from architectural design work and into the field of presentation and visual effects – something that required a lot of investment but was also more exciting at the time.

A view down into the magnificent caldera.

A view down into a magnificent caldera – one of the more exciting uses of our work.

Advances and Influences

The technology improved and software developers soon realized that architecture was an obvious use of their technology. Structures from simple homes to massive city recreations had some need for pre-construction or creative visualization. Architectural structures, from houses to entire cities dating to any period of time, also formed the basis of many movie sets, so the ability to create them in 3D to any scale in almost any environment was a massive leap forward in film production. Today software developers now consider the architectural market one of the most important within their parameters.

An entire cityscape in Saudi Arabia

An entire cityscape in Saudi Arabia

Typical uses are:

  • Design development and pre-visualization of new design developments.
  • Presentations for pre-construction sales
  • Fly-through presentations and movie footage
  • Production of construction plans from design to documentation
  • Development approval processes

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