We jumped at architectural photomontage in the 1990s, mainly because our clients wanted to see precisely how their project would look on the site. Back then the technology wasn't that great so mixing the real and 3D pictures together allowed us to improve the quality of what would have been a flat presentation.

Today the technique is the same but the quality of 3D image has improved remarkably. We lead the field because of our experience. We know how to take the right picture and how to blur reality and 3D to create the best result. In fact, we believe that taking the right photograph is more than half of the way to getting the right result. So many photomontages are let down by bad photography and a poorly blended 3D scene.


A photomontage of the Harry's Island project in Singapore

Getting the right picture doesn't just require the equipment, it takes a skillful eye and years of experience in lighting. You cant just arrive on site at any time and take a picture! You have to plan the shoot to get the lighting and scenery right. Sometimes it takes more than just one try and sometimes we actually blend multiple pictures to get the right result. We aim to tell a story in our photographs, not just show the location. And the 3D portion must carry that story, not just in it's location but in the lighting and mood.

Typically we prefer dawn or dusk shots, and one some buildings we prefer night. We may get wet taking shots, be suspended from a helicopter or be waiting around on a cold, dark morning for that perfect sunrise.


An early morning photograph taken while in the water has the new building added to it.

How do you tell a bad photomontage from a good one? Look for things that just shouldn't be there, or items that create a sense of ownership. Look for cold, harsh lighting or warm inviting tones. Ask yourself if that picture really makes you want to be there or whether it leaves you indifferent (or worse - leaves you feeling cold). Sure, some companies offer very low rates on photomontage, but by now you may realise that a bad image is too expensive whatever the price.

We have the experience not just in 3D but in photography – your obvious choice for architectural photomontage artwork.

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